I sit here as the rain is lashing outside, I am rugged up and have a pair of sky socks on(!), the heating is cranking and I am eating a bowl of quinoa and chia porridge, I feel cosy.
Intuitively in the colder seasons we gravitate to warming practices and foods, and as our cold months are short in Sydney, I feel that we can actually celebrate the fact we can stay in a bit more, go to ground and eat more warming foods such as soups, slow cooks, porridges and the likes. However, I do find that in clinic when reviewing people’s diet diaries they still contain a lot of cold food such as smoothies, raw summer salads and fruits. So, I have got together with Alison and Hayley to provide you with some winter warming inspiration – with our top tips and favourite recipes.

6 winter warming tips

  1. Warm hearty soups, wholegrains and roasted nuts are good on cold days
  2. Enjoy beans, seaweeds and steamed winter greens
  3. Foods with bitter principles are appropriate for winter, examples include turnip, lettuce, endive, asparagus, rye, oats, quinoa and amaranth
  4. Drink roasted dandelion and chicory root, also bitter, and you will find this as a coffee substitute in most health food stores
  5. Include some naturally salty foods such as miso, tamari, seaweeds, sea salt, millet and barley, as a note most of us over do the salt, so cutting out the over-salted, processed food will allow you to enjoy these other salty wholefoods
  6. Freshen up your winter dishes with chopped herbs and fresh green leaves

Winter warming recipes

  • Let’s start with the quinoa and chia porridge I mentioned at the beginning. Porridges are a super way to incorporate wholegrains into your diet, my favourite grains for porridge are oats, quinoa and buckwheat – all offer different benefits. Also, don’t microwave them, take the opportunity to cook on the stove – I often put them on low heat whilst I am in the shower and when I am out, I crank up the heat a little to finish off
  • Another winter breakfast option is stewed fruit two ways, also yummy as a snack with yogurt and chopped nuts
  • Soups are an obvious go to and we have four for you ​Chicken SoupDhal SoupCream of Broccoli and ​Miso Soup
  • Alison loves this Ottolenghi inspired recipe Salmon Steaks in Chraimeh Sauce, which is full of antimicrobial and antioxidant-rich spices that are great for supporting the immune system in winter
  • Hayley’s winter pick is her super easy midweek meal full of nutrition that takes under 10 minutes to prepare 🙂 Cheat’s Asian chicken & vegetable broth
  • And winter warming would not be complete without a curry recipe so here is Chickpea and potato curry, great to make a batch and take for your lunch

Enjoy rugging up and listening to your intuition when you select foods this winter, Karen x

‘Cold and darkness drive one to seek inner warmth. It is a time of rest, to meditate deeply, refine the spiritual essence, and store physical energy – in the form of a little added weight – for the cold season’ (Healing with Wholefoods by Paul Pitchford)