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We specialise in the care of couples and singles who wish to start a family, who are struggling with fertility issues or need support alongside medically assisted reproduction.

Our approach incorporates those just starting to plan to conceive, those that have been trying to conceive for some time, those trying to conceive naturally, or those using medically assisted reproduction like IUI, IVF to help create a baby.

Preconception care – the ultimate preventative health care

If you are in the beginning stage of planning your pregnancy, preconception care is the ultimate preventative health care for your future child. It utilises nutritional & lifestyle support to ensure you as future parents are as healthy as possible before starting to try to conceive. It enhances your fertility and increases the chance of conceiving; ensures the best possible foundation (egg & sperm) to create a healthy baby and reduce their likelihood of preventable disease, and it also optimises maternal health for pregnancy and beyond.

The ‘First 1000 Days’

This is your chance to really do your best – and what better inspiration than your potential baby. The ‘First 1000 Days’ paper is important research into a child’s development and highlights the connection between the health & well-being of mother and child during this time and the long-term health consequences for that child.
The 1000 days includes 3 months of preconception care, the pregnancy and the first two years of a child’s life.

One in six

Fertility issues are common with one in six couples experiencing infertility. Female factors play a part in 40% of cases (hormone imbalance, diminished ovarian reserve, PCOS, endometriosis), male factors are a factor in 40% of cases (low sperm count, poor quality sperm, low hormone levels), couple factors can be related to another 10% and “unknown” factors are considered in a further 10% of cases. Chronic or recurrent health problems and complaints (digestive problems, sleep issues, nutritional deficiencies, thyroid disorders, stress and emotional upset) may take priority in your body and effectively switch fertility off for the time being. Everyone’s body is unique; meaning that your body may react in a different pattern to that of others.

Our approach

We aim to investigate thoroughly and give guidance to maximise your health and wellbeing so that fertility can regain its importance in the hierarchy; nature’s way of allowing a species to survive. We step you through the changes you can gradually incorporate into your life that will impact positively on your fertility from a holistic perspective including nutrition, lifestyle, environmental and emotional factors. In addition, we will provide specific support for your particular needs and health conditions.

By investigating and addressing fertility problems and improving overall health, we have supported many women and men in their journey to have a healthy baby.

Client Feedback

“We simply can’t thank Alison enough for helping us achieve better health and pregnancy. From identifying my husband’s food intolerances to allow him to effectively and naturally manage his eczema and acid reflux to assisting me with a pre-conception/fertility health program which has taken me from secondary amenorrhea to achieving a natural conception and low risk pregnancy within the first month of trying! Alison’s health and fertility expertise and ongoing support has been invaluable to us and she continues to support me throughout my pregnancy with personalised supplementation and nutritional advice.”


Karen was so helpful in our journey to becoming parents. She helped guide us through preparing for conception, IVF, and carrying the baby safely. Not only did she empower us to change our diets to eat and live healthier, but she also guided us to understand our bodies and what we could do to put ourselves in the best position possible for conceiving. Karen has a wealth of knowledge about fertility both for females and males that are indispensable if you are looking to conceive naturally or through IVF.  We now have a healthy 18-month-old boy and we couldn’t have done it without Karen’s guidance.’


the ultimate preventative health care

Preconception Care

Enhance your fertility and increase the chance of conceiving; ensure the best possible foundation (egg & sperm) to create a healthy baby and reduce the likelihood of preventable disease; and optimise maternal health for pregnancy and beyond.

Suitable for all couples – those planning to conceive, those with known fertility issues, and those who are currently going through medically assisted reproduction.

3 months program – Includes 4 appointments over a period of 3 months.

Getting started 1

Initial consultation to include a treatment plan, appropriate testing recommendations, diet and lifestyle recommendations.

Getting Started 2

Consultation scheduled shortly after the initial consult, includes a review of your diet diaries, education on your menstrual cycle, drivers for optimum egg and sperm health, and your fertility window. As well as a review of your lifestyle and how to reduce everyday toxins in your environment.

Tracking your progress 1

Follow up consultation timed 4-6 weeks after getting started to review progress, deeper dive into key education areas and update treatment plans.

Tracking your progress 2

Follow up consultation timed at the 10-12 weeks mark, review progress, update treatment plan and consider next steps.

Experience Matters

meet our practitioners

Our team of experienced practitioners is headed up by Karen Latter and Alison Maunder, both naturopaths and educators in the field of naturopathy and nutrition.

All our practitioners are degree qualified and are members of associations such as the Naturopaths & Herbalist Association of Australia (NHAA) and the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).

We each combine the principles of naturopathy with traditional natural medicine knowledge, the latest evidence-based medicine, and safety guidelines to ensure the very best care for you. True to the meaning of complementary medicine, we will collaborate with your medical practitioners to ensure that your treatment can be safely combined with Western medical treatment.

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the conceive well diet

Because what you eat is so important for your health and fertility we would like to share our Conceive Well Diet Guide with you.