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‘Postnatal depletion doesn’t just affect new mothers – it affects all mothers. If a new mum isn’t allowed to fully recover from the demanding requirements of pregnancy and birth, the after effects can last for years.’

Dr Oscar Serrallach, The Postnatal Depletion Cure

Do you feel exhausted, experience pain, brain fog (‘baby brain’), low energy, indecision, anxiety, moodiness, low libido, and weight gain? Are you a Mum?
If you answered ‘yes’ to both questions you could be experiencing Postnatal depletion.
The good news is naturopathic medicine can offer support to improve both your physical and emotional wellbeing, so you can move from being depleted to feeling vital and healthy once more.

It takes a Village

Preconception care and pregnancy get a lot of attention, and rightly so. Then the baby is born, and that attention shifts to the baby and somehow the mother’s needs get left behind. In days gone by, new mothers would have been cocooned in the care of their village with the support of their Mums, Aunts and female friends who would have rallied around to cook nutritious meals and offer support allowing the new Mum time to recover and ‘become’ a mother. A few lucky ones still have this support, however many of us do not, so instead we are left trying to do it all.

Postnatal Depletion

We often have Mums consult with us because they have symptoms of exhaustion, pain, brain fog (‘baby-brain’), low energy, indecision, anxiety, low libido, moodiness and weight gain – all signs of postnatal depletion. Our focus of treatment is to support replenishment of both macro and micronutrients, hormonal support and rebuilding both energy and sleep. Mums consult with us at all different stages of their motherhood journey, and it is our aim to help you feel healthy and thrive once again.

Our ‘Baby and Beyond’ Program

We offer a ‘baby and beyond’ program where we evaluate nutritional deficiencies, hormones and your current health status through in-depth case taking, pathology and dietary analysis. Then we develop a realistic, can-do plan to help you get back on the path of recovery. Expect from us – recipes and meal ideas, recommendations and referrals – designed specifically to your individual needs.

Client Feedback

“Karen has supported me through two pregnancies and is someone I’ve come to trust in managing my overall healthcare needs. I believe her holistic approach to managing my health has been a key contributor to my two safe and healthy pregnancies, especially after she diagnosed me with an auto-immune disorder just as I became pregnant. Over the last three years seeing Karen she has always taken the time to help me understand my test results, offering appropriate nutrition, lifestyle and supplement treatments to help with any health deficiencies. She is warm and friendly and someone that I believe has my best health interests at heart. I’ve referred her to many friends for various health concerns because of extensive care I’ve received from Karen.” JO

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Postnatal Support Package

postnatal Support Package includes:

Includes an evaluation of nutritional deficiencies, hormones, and your current health status through in-depth case taking, pathology, and dietary analysis. Then we develop a realistic, can-do plan to help you get back on the path of recovery. Expect from us – recipes and meal ideas, recommendations, and referrals – a program designed specifically to your individual needs.

Experience Matters

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Our team of experienced practitioners is headed up by Karen Latter and Alison Maunder, both naturopaths and educators in the field of naturopathy and nutrition.

All our practitioners are degree qualified and are members of associations such as the Naturopaths & Herbalist Association of Australia (NHAA) and the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).

We each combine the principles of naturopathy with traditional natural medicine knowledge, the latest evidence-based medicine, and safety guidelines to ensure the very best care for you. True to the meaning of complementary medicine, we will collaborate with your medical practitioners to ensure that your treatment can be safely combined with Western medical treatment.

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