As naturopaths we are very interested in the food that you put into your body, which is why we often ask you to recall what you have eaten in the last 24 hours and also keep a 3 or 7 day diet diary, it gives us a window into your eating habits, lifestyle and your relationship with food. We find, for lots of people, lunch is often the time where good nutrition goes downhill. Whether it is a hastily grabbed convenient one at work, reaching for easy fillers at home or packing a lunch box for your kids to only see it returned uneaten. So we’ve put our heads together to give you some of our favourite lunch time recipe ideas:-

Let’s start with the savoury,  Alison loves these hand sized frittata muffins packed full of protein (eggs and seeds) and veggies. Keeping on a protein-rich egg theme, Hayley brings us a Veggie-loaded zucchini slice whilst Karen likes the 101 Cookbook inspired Quinoa patties, did you know that quinoa is a protein packed seed and a yummy one too.

Also, here are some additional easy lunch box options to take you beyond the sandwich:-

  • When you are making dinner cook up extra meat such as 100% meat organic sausages or chicken legs, they are delicious cold
  • Little pots of pasta or rice salad loaded with veggies
  • Raw veggie sticks include carrots, cucumber and capsicums as well as snow peas and baby tomatoes, a small pot of dip such as hummus
  • Miso soup an easy winter warming cook up

For lots of great ideas for the kids, read Jo’s blog Waging the war on school lunches.

Jo has also provided three sweet treats that travel well to school or work, Sweet potato brownies, Banana oat cookies and Rice bubble crispies, you will find these in Lunch Box Snacks. A slice of one of these and a couple of pieces of fruit will give your lunch some razzle dazzle deliciousness.

Enjoy 🙂