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Clinical Nutritionist


Bachelor of Social Science
Bachelor of Health Science (Dietetics and Nutritional Medicine)

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Australian Natural Therapists Association

Leanne Myliotis

I have always believed that problems are best solved in the kitchen. Ever since I was a child, it’s been a place of conversation, comfort and nourishment; three things that can solve so much of what ails us.

This philosophy together with becoming a mother myself was what fuelled me to leave a career in the media and marketing industry, and become a clinical nutritionist.

I graduated with a degree in Health Science and Dietetic Medicine from the Endeavour College of Natural Health.

I am dedicated to understanding your needs, getting to the root of your issues, and tackling your situation through a holistic lens.

My approach tends to be back to basics, evidence based, and very personal. I look for simple ways to integrate improvements into your everyday life, in ways that are sustainable and enjoyable. If it’s a fad I’m probably not into it.

Together I truly believe we can find ways to nourish your body and enrich your life. Whether you have new health needs, a broken relationship with food, or just need a bit of a reset.

As a Holistic Clinical Nutritionist I can help you in the prevention and management of a wide range of complex health conditions:

  • Digestive complaints [IBS, bloating, flatulence, reflux etc.]
    Including functional testing for food intolerances and overall gut imbalances
  • Family nutrition & children’s health
  • Nutritional support for new mums
  • Pre-pregnancy nutrition care
  • Female hormone health & menstrual irregularities
  • Improving your relationship with food
  • Fussy eating
  • Allergies
  • High cholesterol
  • Healthy ageing
  • Stress & fatigue
  • Sleep problems

Client Feedback

“Our daughter was having a range of tummy and diet issues for months that we couldn’t solve. Leanne worked with us to understand the issues and symptoms, which ultimately led to her coeliac diagnosis. In addition, she gave us really helpful and practical diet advice that enabled us to make some simple adjustments to give her the energy and nutrients she needed. 6 months on, she is thriving, eating better, has more energy, is no longer anaemic, and is sleeping better. We can’t thank Leanne enough” KL

“the improvement in my gut health has been amazing but more than that you’ve shifted my mindset around food” RA