Even naturopaths like chocolate

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We really enjoy the taste of chocolate. The cocoa in chocolate gives it the antioxidant benefits and it is rich in magnesium (double bonus), however most chocolate contains refined sugar so if it is a 70% cocoa then it is going to have 30% sugar!
Generally small amounts in moderation is a good rule of thumb, however for some trying to reduce sugar from their diet a dilemma exists on how to get the deliciousness of chocolate and the antioxidant benefits of cocoa without the added sugar. So to help in this we’ve dug deep into our recipe books to give you some chocolate yumminess this Easter

First we have Karen’s favourite My Raspberry Ripple this is the genius of Sarah Wilson of ‘I Quit Sugar’ fame. It is super easy to make, can be made in minutes and then all you have to do is wait for it to freeze, the next challenge is not eat the whole thing all at once.
Jo have given us Coco-Nutty Balls she describes them as a ‘delightfully chocolatey and coco-nutty mid-morning or mid-afternoon (after-school) treat’. Yum!
Alison is sharing her family’s favourite Black Bean Brownies – and yep as the name suggests they have beans in so this means they are rich in fibre to keep your blood sugar stable.
We hope you like the recipes as much as we do.
Have a wonderful Easter.
Karen, Alison & Jo