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We offer broad naturopathic services for the whole family with a special focus on female and male reproductive health, fertility, and pregnancy.

 So whether you have landed here wanting natural fertility advice in your ‘trying to conceive’ journey, support through your IVF cycles, or recommendations on how to increase your chances of getting pregnant – we are here to help. Or perhaps you are looking for a naturopath or nutritionist to support you through your pregnancy or help increase your energy in the post-natal period – wherever you are at with your health we offer services to help.

Each of us loves the work of supporting women and their partners on their path to becoming parents and all that comes with that, with the ultimate aim of a healthy happy baby and family. People also consult with us on core health issues such as poor digestion, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety and low mood, skin breakouts, thyroid disorders, hormonal complaints, and nutritional deficiencies. We are available for consultations Australia-wide and offer complimentary discovery calls if you have any questions about how we can help.

We truly believe that optimising your health is the best path to becoming fertile and fulfilling your health aspirations. It is our aim to educate and inspire you so you can truly feel empowered and own your health journey.

Client Feedback

“We started seeing Karen for natural and holistic assistance with fertility. After following her thorough ‘treatment’ plans for around three months I was overjoyed to find that I was pregnant. Karen set me up for success. Karen is knowledgeable, thorough, professional, and caring. Without Karen’s advice, I would not have had my wonderful pregnancy and quick medication-free labour and delivery. She continues to provide her services to me and my perfectly healthy and happy baby. Thank you so much, Karen!” SL

“We simply can’t thank Alison enough for helping us achieve better health and pregnancy. From identifying my husband’s food intolerances to allow him to effectively and naturally manage his eczema and acid reflux to assisting me with a pre-conception/fertility health program which has taken me from secondary amenorrhea to achieving a natural conception and low risk pregnancy within the first month of trying! Alison’s health and fertility expertise and ongoing support has been invaluable to us and she continues to support me throughout my pregnancy with personalised supplementation and nutritional advice.” LH & AH

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general naturopathic support for women

general health

Utilising preventative approaches, thorough investigation and proven treatment strategies, we help you to achieve and maintain the best health available to you.

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trying to conceive

Designed to take you through the process of becoming the healthiest version of you to give you the best chances of conceiving.

Natural pregnancy support

pregnancy support

Guide you through each pregnancy trimester offering naturopathic health care for you and your baby.

Naturopathic fertility specialist, Manly, Fairlight, Northern Beaches

baby and beyond

Post-natal support, naturopathic health advice for your baby, children and growing family.

Experience Matters

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Our team of experienced practitioners is headed up by Karen Latter and Alison Maunder, both naturopaths and educators in the field of naturopathy and nutrition.

All our practitioners are degree qualified and are members of associations such as the Naturopaths & Herbalist Association of Australia (NHAA) and the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).

We each combine the principles of naturopathy with traditional natural medicine knowledge, the latest evidence-based medicine, and safety guidelines to ensure the very best care for you. True to the meaning of complementary medicine, we will collaborate with your medical practitioners to ensure that your treatment can be safely combined with Western medical treatment.

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the conceive well diet

Because what you eat is so important for your health and fertility we would like to share our Conceive Well Diet Guide with you.